We provide disciplined academic Schedule more concentration on Practicals.

Department Labs are as follows

1.Microprocessor Lab

The highlights of the Lab are 8085 Microprocessor trainers ,8086 Microprocessor trainers ,8051 Microcontroller trainers with interfacing cards for ADC,DAC, Stepper motoer,LCD display ,LED bank .
Development kits capable of programming Atmel 89S51,89S52 as well as Philips 89C51RD2BN,89V51RD2BN microcontrollers.Intel Core 2 Duo processor based Computers. Practicals are conducted in the subject of Microprocessors & peripheral, Advanced processors & Microcontrollers for Third year students as well as Embedded systems for Final year students

2.Electronics Lab

The Electronics circuit lab is useful for the basic subjects like Electronic devices and circuits, EECE & Electronics design circuits.
� Digital Storage Oscilloscope(DSO)
� Component Development system

3.Computer Communication Lab

� Matlab 8.1 License copy
� All Computers in LAN with internet facility.
� Practicals conducted in lab � CCN, DSP, DIP, SS.

4.Project Lab

Performing project work is an art.
� PCB designing equipments.
� Softwares for PCB design.
� Practicals conducted � Final year and second year project work.

5.VLSI Lab

� Xilinx 10.1 software and Spartan-3 CPLD and FPGA kits.
� Internet facility available
� Practicals conducted in lab- VLSI Design, DS for final & second year students.

6.Digital Electronics Lab

� Digital IC tester
� Digital Trainer kits
� Component development system
� Practicals conducted in lab- AICA, DLD for Third & second year students.

7.Communication Lab

Imparting or exchanging of information by speaking and writing, wiring electronics techniques.
� QPSK & DQPSK modulation & demodulation kits.
� Base band digital transmission system.
� DPCM and ADPCM modulation and demodulation kits.
� Colour TV Trainer.
Practicals conducted in Lab- CE, WMC, Consumer Electronics for SE and BE students.

8.Microwave Engineering Lab

This lab is utilized mainly for final year students. It consist of worth instruments such as �
� Klystron based and gun diode based microwave bench.
� Satellite communication trainers
� Optical fiber communication trainers.
� Radar communication trainers.

9.PG Lab

� Linux/ windows operating system.

10.Electrical core Lab

� DC shunt motor set
� Slip ring induction motor
� Control panel for motor
� Rectifier set