Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

A. To prepare and inform students about the fundamental aspects of Science.
B. To contribute Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and content for BE program.
C. To encourage, motivate students to pursue career in Science and Engineering.
D. To stimulate graduating engineers competence in Communication and interpersonal Skills.
E. To conduct Seminars and Workshops regularly.
F. To mould the students with innovative ideas, manners and etiquettes.

Program Outcomes (Pos)

A. An ability to apply knowledge of basic and important concept of Science.
B. An ability to implement analytical and Mathematical concept in their Engineering education.
C. An ability to communicate in fluent and impressive manner in organization as well as daily life.
D. An ability to understand the importance of engineering knowledge and implement it in organization as well as implement it in the development of nation.
E. An ability to understand the social responsibilities.
F. An ability to gain knowledge of basic subjects and utilize it in Research and Development work.
G. An ability to apply business ethics, Manners, Etiquettes like Team work, Leadership quality, Stress Management, Listening Skills, Time Management, Innovation and Creativity.
H. To communicate effectively in Verbal and Written form.