1. Being an integral member of the healthcare team responsible for outcomes associated with medication use process
  2. Educating patients & healthcare professionals on the safe use of medication.
  3. Developing & conducting research on medication use & patient safety.
  4. Explain & utilize principles of health & wellness as appropriate to the provision of specific individuals & populations health & wellness information.


POs describe what students are expected to know or be able to do by the time of graduation from the program. Graduate students in Pharmacy should have:

  1. Accurately dispense medications.
  2. Explain and properly dispense commonly used medications, formulations & drug product.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate ethical and professional behavior & comply with all federal, state & local laws related to pharmacy practice.
  4. Participate in continuous quality improvement projects to assess medication use properly.
  5. Discovers, develops, produces & Markets drugs or Phrmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients.
  6. Discover new knowledge to improve the lives of others though high impact research & provide outstanding research training in areas core to the college.
  7. Stimulate a culture that promotes diversity of thought & lifelong learning.

The best practices adapted by the Department can be highlighted as:

The qualitative teaching with adequate preparation for online, unit tests and university examinations.

Effective academic monitoring of students attendance, regularity, performance and overall behaviour through proper counselling and individual attention by batch wise mentors, class teachers and parent teacher meetings.

Organization of various technical events to trigger creativity, innovation and project based learning such as Avishkar poster competition, model and poster making, developing skills of students by providing them the platform of My perfectics online website

To nurture personality traits through systematic planning and execution (Youth Empowerment and Skills) program for all first year students. Organization of guest lectures, time management, stress management etc.

Effective interaction with parents and guardians on continual basis.