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17th October 2015

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Abhishek Shah


TPCT’s College of Engineering is the journey of knowledge to me. I got to learn many new and interesting things in this college. This college served us with all round growth and learning with many courses, programs, fest organizations, etc.

TPCT’s COE is the second family to me where we grow, learn, practice and evolve into a new personality. I got complete support from my college whenever needed in any difficulties.

I can just say that, this college not only taught us the engineering subjects but also made us learn many new and advanced aspects regarding it which helped us develop and grow brighter in future.

Thank you TPCT’s COE for guiding and supporting me, and making me a part of your family.


Ajay Fade


“ The college is well equipped with good infrastructure, Experienced Faculties and Supportive Administrative Staff. The college has greenery environment which makes you very comfortable and fresh.
My branch was Mechanical. Practicals are very important with Theory lectures. All practical equipments are available in college. So it was easily understandable to me.
The College has well equipped library and it also provides online study materials and mock tests for competitive exams.Different Technical Workshops, Industrial Visit and Placement Trainings are conducted in every year in College. All Sports and Culture Activities are conducted in College which are very enjoyable and entertaining.
It was a great experience and I am happy to be part of it.”


Premala Jadhav


“During the current age of competition in science and technology, our own participation through skilled technical professionals have been challenging to the world.
I feel every student has ability to succeed but quality guidance and supportive environment is required to achieve high level goals. At TPCT’s COE Osmanabad , all professors help you to discover your hidden talent and success quotient to achieve your ultimate goals.
In TPCT’s COE ,there are knowledgeable teachers and college have good infrastructure, library,grounds,environment and I am happy to be part of it.”

person (1)

Pankaj Ratnaparkhi


TPCT’s COE, What a journey ….

“I had a great experience being the student and now as alumni of this great institute. I have received more than enough support, technical knowledge, Skills which still encouraging me and I’m glad that I made the choice to choose TPCT’S College of Engineering to study my degree and P.G in Mechanical Engineering. I have gone from having zero confidence in myself to being so proud of what I have achieved in such a short time with the support of all professors and our expertise guides. This college is one who always thinks student benefit first.
Thanks a lot to my College….”

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